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What We Do

Pet Services

We consider pets to be a part of many people's lives. They ask so little of us but give so much love in return. When it comes time for you to let go of your animal companion, making the decision on how to care for their physical remains can be heart-wrenching. We also realize that the death of a pet is often a child's first experience. As for an older adult, a pet is often their best friend. For those reasons along with others, we offer caring services to assist with the final arrangements of your beloved pet. We are dedicated to meet all of your animal companions needs from cremation to burial. We may be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling us toll-free (888) 255-8040. Light Memorial is proud to now be serving Monrovia, Mooresville and all surrounding cities.

Many pet owners prefer to keep the ashes of a beloved animal so they can remain with them in the home. This will benefit some by providing emotional closure for pet owners to have the pet close to them at all times. Having an urn with your pet’s ashes means you never have to travel to a cemetery to pay your respects to a beloved pet.

Private Cremation

A private cremation means your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. Upon completion of the cremation, your pet's cremated remains are returned to you in a temporary container or an urn of your choice. We will transport the animal to and from the crematory and assist with sealing any urns or cremation jewelry.  Cremation prices depends on their weight.  Please call us for assistance at 1-888-255-8040.

Crescent Memorial Pet Catalog

We are proud to offer the Crescent Pet Collection. Urns, keepsakes, custom personalization, and much more.

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Viewing Cremation

Many times family members want to be involved in the cremation of their pet. This is just like a private cremation, but your family is present during the cremation in a viewing room. This option is not available at all crematories but we can arrange this if desired.

Burial Assistance

State, county, or town code, will tell you how deep you need to bury an animal (usually at least 3 or 4 feet is standard). Outer burial containers are not required when burying animals on your private property that is out of city limits. The burial site will likely compact and sink, therefor you may need an extra bag of fill dirt to even it in over time. Once the grave is filled in you may want to put some paving stones directly above to discourage scavengers and/or plant a shrub or tree to mark the spot.  Knowing how to properly bury an animal and taking care of it right away is important for your health and the well-being of everyone else.  When the ground is frozen it can be softened by building a fire as you dig or made manageable by power tools. Please contact our staff at (888) 255-8040, with any questions or for immediate assistance on properly laying your pet to rest.

Pet Memorial Stones

Pet memorials can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, just like the animals they commemorate and may range in small, flat grave markers to larger headstones. Pet memorials may also feature pictures, symbols, words and dates to most accurately preserve the story of your adored animal companion.  Call us with any questions for information with affordable pricing regarding a memorial stone to signify your beloved animals resting place.